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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Summary of Saige 

Saige Copeland loves spending time on her grandma's ranch, riding horses and painting. Her school made the tough choice to cut art classes, which means she's lost her favorite subject. So when her grandma decides to organize a "save the arts" fundraiser and parade to benefit the school, Saige jumps on board. She begins training her grandma's beautiful horse, Picasso, for his appearance in the parade. Then her grandma is injured in an accident, and she wonders what she can do to help. Can she ride Picasso in the parade and make her grandma proud? Can Saige still raise money to protect the arts at school? Author: Jessie Haas. Paperback. 128 pages. 

I got this from www.AmericanGirl.com . to find out more about the new Doll of the year please go to the American Girl website! Hopefully I can get Saige so I can do a real review on her! thanks for reading please comment down below! 
I got this pict off of Doll diaries.com

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