Hoping to have an adventure doll

Saturday, January 12, 2013

I got a chord so for my Camera! 

Rapunzel: Mommy Are you gonna be done with my hair soon I don't want to sit here any longer!

Me: Baby it is not my fault you have sooooo much hair it is gonna take a little longer. 

Rapunzel: oh ok Mommy.                                                                               


Rapunzel : Now am I almost done Mommy? 

Me: Rapunzel you need to be paitent! 

Rapunze: Ok. 

Rapunzel: Is my hair done yet?

Me: Yes it is 

Rapunzel: Yea! 
Rapunzel getting her hair done

not even half way yet  

back view of her hair 

she can fit 24 braids in her hair!

Rapunzel cranky caues she did not get enough sleep the night before!

Rapunzel: Bye everyone!