Hoping to have an adventure doll

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Lea Clark GOTY:2016

pros and cons of Lea Clark


1.diffrent skin tone
2.new eyebrows
4.she comes with a necklace and bag
5.she loves taking photos
6.no neck strings
7.has to overcome fears
8.loves animals
9. nicely detailed book


1.no neck strings
2.very expensive collection
3.has some defects (dents) 
4.a little like kanani, lanie, and Jess.
5.same face mold as. Joesphina, Mckenna, Robecca, Juile, Elizabeth, Chrissa, Grace, Ect.
6.her exlusive collection does not have good quality like the sandles are plastic and not very realistic.
7. her eyebrows make her look mad
8. her collection does not have much to it
9.her hikeing outfit has some flaws (pants slide down when she sits) 
10.her mix and match bathing suite shows too much skin.


also if you have her feel free to send photos of her collection so I can post them to my blog. 
thank you for reading this. and what do you guys think of Lea's collection?

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Grace Thomas GOTY 2015!

American girl doll Grace Thomas is the new doll of the year 2015! I plan to get her for my 18th b-day June 2! Wish me luck please I need it. Anyhoo here are some prices you should be aware of: 1. Grace Thomas is $120.

2. Grace's accessories is, $32. 

3. Grace's errings are, $16
4. Graces pajamas are, $24
5. Grace's city outfit is, $34
6. Grace's opening dress is, 38
7. Grace's travle coat is, $38
8. Grace's city accessories are, $32
9. Grace's travle set is, $44
10.Grace's cart is, $150
11. Grace's baking set is,$68 
12. Grace's bakery is, $500!
13. Grace's bistro set is, $85
14. Grace's baking outfit is, $34
15. Grace's dog is, $22
16. Grace's books are both $9.99 
All the things are a bit pricy but, they do look nice. 
What do you think about grace's collection! Also make sure to email me at sapphirelover1@gmail.com to send me any pictures of grace's collection I would love to see what you have for her collection, but  you could also send me any of your dolls pictures.

Giveaway: Paris Themed Bean Bag for Dolls from Daydream Doll Boutique

There is going to be a giveaway on Dolldaires.com!! What they are giving away is, one beanbag chair which is Paris themed for the doll of the year 2015, Grace Thomas! 

To enter you must live in the us.

Must be 18 or have parents permission.

Must go to daydreamdollboutique.com

Comment on the blog saying what your favorite new outfit is.

Have fun!! Also make sure email is correct so they can email you if you win.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Hoping to host a doll!

Having a host doll:

To have a host doll I will have to ask my parents however I'm turning 18 June 2, so soon enough I will not have to ask!

So if I'm able to have a host doll I would like you guys to vote on the following dolls:

1. Rue-Cecile(aka Cecile Rey ag doll)
2. Angelino(aka MAG #46 custom into a boy)
3. Rapunzel(disney animator doll from Disney store)
4. Katniss( collector barbie katniss doll) 

If my parents say yes then I will have more detail but please vote thank you bye!! 

Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Sapphire is Going to Dolldaires Camp!!
she cant wait I do not have a curren pict of her srry.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy late Easter!!


Updates on my YouTube channel 

. I can't upload to sapphirelover1 with my phone so I had to make a completely different channel called  sapphirelover2! Just until my computer is fixed  then I will be able to upload to sapphire lover 1!

 And my dolls are gonna sign up for campdolldiraies!!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

57 YouTube Subscribers!!

57 Subs on Youtube!!

I'm so happy to have 57 subscribers on my youtube channel! but I'm going to be making a new account on youtube because I'm gonna use one account for dolls and the other for music I love to sing so I'm gonna sing covers of songs!

comment below telling me if you think I should do it or not I want your imput.

Now for a random pict! 

My dolls say hi to you!