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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Grace Thomas GOTY 2015!

American girl doll Grace Thomas is the new doll of the year 2015! I plan to get her for my 18th b-day June 2! Wish me luck please I need it. Anyhoo here are some prices you should be aware of: 1. Grace Thomas is $120.

2. Grace's accessories is, $32. 

3. Grace's errings are, $16
4. Graces pajamas are, $24
5. Grace's city outfit is, $34
6. Grace's opening dress is, 38
7. Grace's travle coat is, $38
8. Grace's city accessories are, $32
9. Grace's travle set is, $44
10.Grace's cart is, $150
11. Grace's baking set is,$68 
12. Grace's bakery is, $500!
13. Grace's bistro set is, $85
14. Grace's baking outfit is, $34
15. Grace's dog is, $22
16. Grace's books are both $9.99 
All the things are a bit pricy but, they do look nice. 
What do you think about grace's collection! Also make sure to email me at sapphirelover1@gmail.com to send me any pictures of grace's collection I would love to see what you have for her collection, but  you could also send me any of your dolls pictures.


  1. I don't have any of Grace's collection. She is pretty. I just think that AG's prices are getting too high. If I had any of her collection, then I would send pictures to you!


    1. they are very high and that is fine.